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[Honestly it was still a little strange to think about. Sure, they'd been on one or two dates now as "official" boyfriends - even if Gundam has a hard time calling them that out loud - and yes of course he was part of the awkward tango of even making that official but still. It was a little strange. Not because Karamatsu was a guy or because of the kind of person he was, since after all even though he's proud of who he is, he's well aware that he is not exactly A Catch. He barely even had friends in school and not many of them lasted, and that's kind of why it's so weird.

He, Gundam Tanaka, the White Emperor of the Frozen Tundra of the North, was in a romantic relationship with a human.

...something he's never done before, despite being in his early twenties now. This was a new and terrifying experience. But one he was going to go through with his head held high and confidence in every step! (In most steps...) Which is why, today, he decided he'd arrange one of their dates. Karamatsu had been left with a letter from the animal fanatic (marked a thousand times that it was for KARAMATSU and not any of his brothers, with the promise of death of being eaten alive by rats if any of the others dared to peek and ruin the experience for them) which detailed - as romantically as possible, as well as clearly as possible - when and where to meet him, as well as noting it'd be a casual date.

Then when was early in the afternoon and the where was at the train station nearby. The actual destination was going to be a surprise that needed proper building up before they arrived!

...assuming Karamatsu showed up. But of course he will. Why wouldn't he? They're boyfriends! Surely he'll show up.]


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